Page Six of NY Post Reprehensible Victim Shaming Photo Gallery of Mel B

Perhaps, if news outlets played their due diligence in coverage of domestic violence and did not offset articles of domestic violence of celebrities with glitzy, cheery, PDA selected photo galleries, more DV victims would feel secure enough to prosecute their offenders.

Freedom Began with a Restraining Order

If I simply followed the proper steps, proper justice would be served. No one tells you though that just because you take the proper steps, things may not work out properly.

How would SHE Live Life?

What if we were to disregard the exhausting search for acceptance and love, And seek to love ourselves for the strong, accountable women we are?

How It All Began…

I have been a single parent for all but 31 days of my son’s 3 ½ years. 9 months of pregnancy, countless midwife appointments, 16 hours of labor and delivery, 4 days in the NICU, numerous ER visits, all without a partner, spouse, father. I met my son’s father in the almost worst of ways, … Continue reading How It All Began…